In August 2014, we embarked on the trip of our lives, our honeymoon.

Why Iceland? We wanted to go somewhere with plenty of unspoiled nature and the Iceland tourism campaigns worked, from features on Canadian travel shows, to Taste of Iceland and Reykjavik Calling in Toronto. During our 10-day trip, we were surrounded by the most breathtaking scenery that changed dramatically as we drove from South Iceland to the Westfjords. Iceland was simply spectacular!

Besides the gorgeous landscape, we were pleasantly surprised by Icelandic culture: talented indie bands and DJs, the fresh and delicious food (think catch of the day, lamb fillet, glacier water beer, and Icelandic people sure love their sweets), the wonderful hosts at our guesthouses, and the Icelandic pride and community spirit. We found warmth and a special connection that we will always hold onto within the stark and beautiful island of Iceland.

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